Human Happiness

The goal of Human Happiness is to globally reduce suffering and increase happiness for humans. We believe that there is broad consensus that the pursuit of happiness is fundamental to humanity. In a large study in which university students around the world were asked about what is most valuable in life "happiness" on average ended up on the top of the list1. GHO is the only organization in the world that has an explicit goal to increase happiness among people. To help us reach our goal we use the latest happiness research.

Average happiness has increased in most countries during the last decade and this illustrates that greater happiness for a greater number is possible. Still happiness has not increased everywhere and most countries are far from the level of happiness that is currently realized in Denmark. There seems to be a need for rethinking how we should shape our society and our lives in a happiness increasing direction. 

GHO works at increasing happiness among people at two levels. First, by informing the public about scientifically proven methods to raise their level of well-being, and secondly, by informing politicians on how a more well-being oriented policy can be conducted.

Managers: Filip Fors and Erik Fernholm
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  • 1. Oishi S, Diener E, Lucas RE. The Optimum Level of Well-Being: Can People Be Too Happy? Perspectives on Psychological Science. 2007 Dec;2(4):346-360.