Global Happiness Organization helps the UAE to become the world’s happiest country

Submitted by Ludvig Lindström on Wed, 2015-01-28 19:35

Global Happiness Organization (GHO), a non-profit organization that deploys scientific approaches to enhance happiness and reduction of suffering across the world has announced the opening of a new chapter in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates. This is part of the GHO movement for spreading happiness across the globe.

"The U.A.E government has a vision to increase the well-being of its citizens, so GHO has a great opportunity in making a big positive impact”, says Ludvig Lindström, President of Global Happiness Organization.

As per the world happiness report compiled in 2013, UAE has been ranked 14th amongst the happiest countries in the world. The government is now aiming to become the happiest country in the world by 2021.

The introduction of Global Happiness Organization will help in spreading happiness through many community activities and work aligns with the vision of achieving people’s happiness.

"GHO aims to embed happiness in people’s DNA and I will ensure to maximize my efforts to help inject happiness to every single field in Dubai”, says Saeed Al Nazari, the President of the UAE branch.

GHO now exists in the US, Germany, Sweden, Portugal and the UAE.

Ludvig Lindström, President GHO, +46 704 417188
Saeed Al Nazari, President GHO UAE, +971 50 9389938