GHO teams up with Mercify – the new charity app

Submitted by Ludvig Lindström on Sun, 2016-11-13 23:46

Global Happiness Organization has become one of the main partners to Mercify, a new international social fundraising app.

Mercify is designed to help people organize and promote charity auctions of meetings in real life. Here anyone can auction off or win an interesting meeting. The money raised is sent to charity purposes.

Here is how it works: A registered user creates and describes a meeting they want to auction off. When the auction closes, a person with the highest bid goes to the described meeting with the organizer. The money raised is sent to the fund, of which GHO is one, chosen by the auction creator.

Mercify Technologies, the company behind the app, works with leading global and local charity organizations with a reliable reputation. They deal with hunger, poverty and epidemics in developing countries, counteract childhood and adult diseases, help people with disabilities, prevent human rights violations, protect environment, save homeless animals, increase well-being etc.

We are honored to be part of this awesome initiative. Please download the app and help us create a happier world!

Mercify app is available for iOS. Download it HERE. It's totally free.