2013: On March 20th the International Day of Happiness is celebrated for the first time
2013: On January 27th GHO opens up its activities in Portugal.
2012: On December 17th GHO's happiness expert Filip Fors releases an independent report to the Swedish government’s foresight commission, which highlights new alternative welfare measures with a focus on people's happiness and subjective quality of life.
2012: On August 20th GHO opens up its operations in the United States.
2012: In July, all UN member countries agree to establish an international day focusing on well-being and happiness - and to call for action for a happier world.
2012: The first global happiness report sees the light of day. The report is published on the UN Conference on Happiness on April 2nd.
2011: The Swedish conservative party (Moderaterna) includes "support human’s search for happiness" in their new program of ideas. GHO has pushed the Conservatives in this direction for a long time.
2011: The first happiness oriented encyclopedia sees the light: Wiki Felicifia. The encyclopedia mainly focuses on philosophical and practical topics that revolve around what it means to improve the lives of sentient beings and how we can make the world better. GHO helped out with information.
2011: Happiness experts from GHO participate in the Swedish television series "The Pursuit of Happiness." Millions of Swedes are informed about how to increase their long-term well-being.
2010: GHO opens an exhibition about cultivated meat at Malmö Museum in Sweden. The exhibition, which demonstrates the advantages of the cultured meat compared with today's meat production via factory-farmed animals, is visited by approximately 250,000 people.
2010: GHO provides a research briefing for a parliamentary bill dedicated to increasing happiness as a policy goal.
2010: GHO presents a report containing a series of policy proposals on how we can create a happier Sweden - and a happier world - to a number of prominent Swedish politicians, notably the party leaders for the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party. This is done during the annual political week called the Almedalen week.
2009: After a couple of years of informing politicians about the importance of happiness, the Swedish Green Party’s spokesperson Maria Wetterstrand declares, in a debate article, that the party's new political project is to raise people's happiness level.
2009: Sweden gets its first happiness blog when GHO launches At a number of happiness experts disseminate the latest research on how people can improve their own quality of life - and the quality of life of others. The blog quickly attracts a large number of people.
2009: The first happiness seminar in the Swedish Parliament held on the initiative of GHO. Several parliamentarians participate.
2008: The French President Nicolas Sarkozy appoints a commission tasked with examining how to measure happiness.
2008: The first happiness debate in the British Parliament, initiated by Britain's Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats were represented at GHO's happiness conference.
2008: GHO participates in the creation of the world's first global consortium for research on cultivated meat in Ås, outside Oslo.
2007: The first Swedish parliamentary bill on getting happiness research into politics – an initiative launched after GHO's intensive lobbying of Swedish parliamentarians.
2007: GHO puts through one of the world's most high-profile campaigns for the year when naked people in "meat packages" are shown to the public. The campaign is widely publicized across the world and provokes a media debate about our treatment of nonhuman animals.