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Happiness Corner at Swedish Festival

Submitted by Ludvig Lindström on Sun, 2014-08-31 23:32


Last week GHO, in cooperation with the city of Malmö, launched the Happiness Corner in the very center of the annual Malmö Festival. With simple tips on happiness and sustainability the residents of Malmö and the visitors of the festival were inspired to increase wellbeing by smart climate choices.

The Happiness Corner consisted of a big tent containing a playful and interactive exhibition, exciting happiness challenges, a Good Deeds Tree where visitors could hang up leaves with tips for good deeds. It was also possible to borrow a happiness coach who gave out personal tools for a happier life.


For two of the festivals eight days the Happiness Corner was transformed into a big gathering of laughs for a few hours. Laughter Yoga, which it was called, attracted about fifty people each time.

Outside the tent people could also try some happiness ping-pong, a form of knock-out ping-pong with happiness messages on the rackets.

With 1.4 million visits every year the Malmö Festival is the largest festival in a city environment in Scandinavia.