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Charity International goes Global Happiness Organization

Submitted by Ludvig Lindström on Sun, 2011-11-13 22:30

Today, Charity International officially switches name to Global Happiness Organization (GHO). It's also a new beginning for the organization that over the past year has implemented a major reorganization in order to become more efficient and establish an international presence.

The organization has been divided into three areas: Human Happiness, Nonhuman Animal Happiness and Future Happiness. Human Happiness aims to inform the public about effective strategies to increase personal well-being - and how to live a life that also serves the happiness of others. Nonhuman Animal Happiness works to minimize the suffering of nonhuman animals, both free-living and domestic. Future Happiness's goal is to work to ensure that long-term perspectives are not lost in the pursuit of short-term gains.

- There is great potential for our work, both in Sweden and abroad. More and more people in the general public and among politicians have begun to realize that there is more than money and economic growth that's important. When people really start thinking about it, they realize that our well-being is what really matters most in life. We're looking forward to a good new start and we encourage people to join us in building a happier world, says Ludvig Lindstrom, president of Global Happiness Organization.