Global Happiness Organization has become one of the main partners to Mercify, a new international social fundraising app. Mercify is designed to help people organize and promote charity auctions of meetings in real life. Here anyone can auction off or win an interesting meeting. The money raised is sent to charity purposes.

GHO-US is pleased to award "Fully Raw Kristina" the Happiness Promoter of the Year for 2015

Global Happiness Organization is part of a new dating app called HIMYNAMEIS. It resembles Tinder, but uses short video clips instead of pictures. All you need to do is to say your name.

The International Day of Happiness (known as Happiness Day) was celebrated throughout the world on the 20th of March. Global Happiness Organization arranged a lot of activities in all the countries where we are located.

The United Arab Emirates has previously declared they want to become the world's happiest country in 2021. During Wednesday they took another step toward that goal by announcing the creation of a minister of state for happiness.

October 6-8, Global Awareness in Action, GAIA, had its final international workshop. This time in Malmö, Sweden.