Today GHO is launching a group of experts in various topics related to happiness. The group will help GHO in its evidence-based work to improve wellbeing in the world.

GHO has got a new member in its Management team: Katarzyna deLazari-Radek. Katarzyna is a Polish philosopher focusing on ethics. She works at the University of Lodz where she, among other things, does a lot of teaching.

Today, the world-famous philosopher Peter Singer joins Global Happiness Organization. Singer, who is currently professor of practical ethics at Princeton University in New Jersey, will be part of the management team as an advisor in strategic decisions.

Today, GHO also launched on Facebook. Here, both members and non members have an opportunity to discuss issues related to happiness and the organization.

Today, Charity International officially switches name to Global Happiness Organization (GHO). It's also a new beginning for the organization that over the past year has implemented a major reorganization in order to become more efficient and establish an international presence.