Global Happiness US's Happiness Promoter of the Year

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GHO-US Happiness Promoter of the Year 2015

It’s that time again, time to name Global Happiness Organization’s top pick for Happiness Promoter of the year in the United States. With so many wonderful contributions to happiness in 2015, this was a difficult decision for us here at GHO-US. When it comes to the consistent promotion of Human, Animal, and Future happiness, however, there is a no more prominent and outspoken candidate than Kristina Carrillo Bucaram.
Kristina, or as she is more popularly known, “Fully Raw Kristina,” has been working towards health and happiness for more than 10 years now. A resident of Houston, Texas, Kristina founded Rawfully Organic, which is now the largest organic produce cooperative in the United States. Her Co-Op feeds hundreds of Texas families every week, and people travel from all over the world to see Kristina in action. She continues to work to feed as many people as she can with wholesome, nutritious, raw, local produce, and has expanded her businesses to a Fully Raw fresh juice company, and a Fully Raw organic, edible cosmetic line. She has even recently written a book called The Fully Raw Diet, which encourages a happier life through the promotion of eating a raw vegan diet, practicing self love, and implementing positive changes for a happier future.
Despite her heavy workload, including a national tour for her book, Fully Raw Kristina is never too busy to continue to reach people with her positive message. Not only does she work to regularly deliver healthy foods and juices to numerous people, she also speaks at public events, teaches free of charge fully raw vegan cooking classes, and utilizes social media to correspond with and inspire people all over the world. As of 2015 her YouTube channel boasted hundreds of videos and nearly 815,000 subscribers. Her videos, whether they be shopping guides, recipes, Q&As, or Vlogs always promote a positive, peaceful message of human and animal advocacy, now and in the future.
Kristina Carrillo Bucaram is a prime example of a person promoting GHO’s mission, that is, happiness. Kristina’s hard work, kindness, and promotion of health, happiness, and peace make her an exemplary choice for this award, and Global Happiness US is thrilled to announce Fully Raw Kristina as 2015’S Happiness Promoter of the year.

For a daily dose of happiness, Fully Raw Kristina can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat. She can also be reached through her company websites at and