About GHO

Global Happiness Organization (GHO) is a scientifically-based, nonprofit organization that aims to promote happiness and reduce suffering worldwide.

Overall, world population has become increasingly happier the past few decades, but this does not apply everywhere. In the West the happiness increase has stalled, despite a high economic growth. Since World War 2, suicide rates and the incidence of depression and other mental disorders has risen sharply. In many western countries, anxiety disorders have increased, especially among young people.

Unfortunately, this negative trend doesn’t just hold for the human population. Today we expose more non-human animals to more suffering than we have ever done before. Exploitation of non-human animals permeates our entire society; notably the food industry, the cosmetics industry, and the fur industry. We also threaten the well-being of future generations by our climate-changing CO2 emissions and the construction of new weapons technologies.

There is of course no quick fix to these problems. But GHO has a clear view on what needs to be done. And with the help of you, and people like you, we can really make a difference!

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