GHO Sweden

GHO is involved with the following projects in Sweden:

  • Spreading evidence-based happiness strategies that citizens can take advantage of to increase their wellbeing. The strategies are mainly based on research in positive psychology. We do this work mainly through our websites, the Happiness Blog and the Happiness Project . The Happiness Blog has grown substantially recently and now has several thousand readers each week. GHO also conducts campaigns to inform people about happiness raising activities. Examples of this include our annual “free hugs” campaign, which highlights the importance of relationships and physical closeness, and our cash distribution campaign, where we illustrate the importance of giving and of doing good for other people.

  • Contributing with reports and specific policy proposals to improve welfare both in Sweden and globally. The reports and actions are presented for politicians and parties, but also publicly through debate in the media.

  • Discussing happiness research with politicians. Two examples are our seminar in the Swedish Parliament in 2009 and our participation in the political week “Almedalsveckan“ in 2010.