US Happiness Promoter of the Year for 2013

Submitted by mandy.kramer@g… on Mon, 2014-04-07 18:15

Many wonderful contributions were made to happiness last year, but one individual in the US really caught our attention. Sam Simon, a writer, producer, and director best known for his work on the hit television show, The Simpsons, was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2012.

Rather than let his illness get him down, Simon made some monumental advances in philanthropy, and began arranging to have his fortune left to a number of compassionate and advantageous charities. For instance, his personal charity, the Sam Simon Foundation does a tremendous amount to contribute to happiness. SSF helps take in and trains homeless dogs as service animals, and then places them in loving homes with disabled war veterans. The foundation also serves nutritious, strictly vegan, food to those in need through a food bank based in Los Angeles. The Sam Simon Foundation even operates a mobile spay/neuter clinic which brings veterinary care to the pets of low income families.In addition to his own organization, Mr. Simon has also made notable contributions to many charities including the Sea Shepherd Society, PETA, and Save the Children.

Even though Sam Simon is making long-term plans, he continues to fight for his life and remains optimistic about the future. “I’m not sad, I’m happy. I don’t feel angry and bitter. I want to do whatever I can to survive,” Simon is quoted as saying.

“I could not be more encouraged by Mr. Simon’s incredible altruism,” says Mandy Jade Kramer of Global Happiness Organization -US. He is truly an example to everyone, and I am pleased to offer the nomination of Happiness Promoter of the Year to such an incredible person.”

Read more about Mr. Simon’s charity here.