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It’s that time again! Time for Global Happiness Organization US to nominate their Happiness Promoter of the Year for 2013!
GHO is on its way to produce a new happiness video, in cooperation with the Portuguese video producer company Boa Onda.
Today, Global Happiness Organization nominates Carrie Underwood as the 2012 US Happiness Promoter of the Year.
A few days ago GHO Sweden announced the Swedish Happiness Promoter of 2012. The award went to Daniel Mendoza, founder, president and publisher of Good News Magazine.
On Sunday 27th of January, GHO launched its organization in Portugal. Portugal is the first country in Europe, other than Sweden, in which the organization is now running operations. This launch represents a great step for GHO towards its global expansion. [token:field_images_inline-0]
Watch GHO's new commercial that premiered on Wednesday November 7th at the Stockholm Film Festival.